Full-Time (Thesis)

There are three components of the full-time, thesis option:

  • 5 one-term courses.
  • Development and oral defence of a written thesis.
  • An eight-month internship.


You must successfully complete 5 one-term graduate courses (4 required and 1 elective).

The required courses are:

  • Statistics for eHealth
  • Fundamentals of eHealth and the Canadian Health Care System
  • Management Issues in eHealth
  • Modern Software Technology for eHealth

You can choose your fifth course from the list of approved electives.


A thesis is an opportunity for you to develop original research on a topic you choose. For many PhD students, it’s their first piece of independent professional work. Master’s degree students have to demonstrate that they are competent investigators, and your thesis project requires that you:

  • Explore a topic in considerable depth.
  • Plan and carry out a research project.
  • Write up and present your findings.
  • Defend your findings in a public forum.

You choose the topic of your thesis in consultation with your supervisor. (Supervisors are assigned after you are admitted.) Your thesis must include independent work that adds to the body of knowledge in the discipline. It should demonstrate your scholarly competence, and an understanding of both the literature in the subject area and the current practices in the industry.

You may choose to develop a prototype of a healthcare-related system for providing clinical or administrative services. You can also analyse or evaluate a system, process or policy used in the eHealth field. You can use qualitative or quantitative methods (or a combination) but your project must meet scientific standards.

Your thesis will be evaluated by your supervisor and two other examiners.

Detailed thesis requirements are outlined in section 3 of the McMaster Graduate Studies Calendar. More information about requirements and regulations can be found on McMaster’s Graduate Studies website.


All students start the program in the fall term (September). There are three terms throughout the year:

  • Fall: September to December
  • Winter: January to April
  • Spring: May to August

Students normally complete their course work during the first two terms. You should start preliminary work on your thesis research by (or during) the second term. Normally, your thesis should be completed and defended within 24 months (6 terms).

Students complete their internship in their third and fourth terms (May – December).

Funding options are available for 24 months. The program must be completed within 36 months.

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